Wife Cheats on Hubby with Waiter Who Leaves Creampie in Her, Watching porn together videos

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LOL 3 years ago
He ate another's guy cum... Sad real life stories that happens to guys in real life. Lol.
3 years ago
Am I fucked in the head? It’s hard for me to distance reality and for the first few mins Im thinking ‘there’s a full length 60 mins movie? Who the fuck would sit and wait on his girl in the bathroom for an hour? Better question who waits an hour patiently for a drink order on date night?
Bro 3 years ago
Not my proudest fap
3 years ago
These hoes aint loyal
Funny ass dude 3 years ago
The moment I don’t pull out is when I’m gonna get an ugly bitch pregnant and have a opossum child
Her dumbass 3 years ago
Her dumbass fault. Who the fuck bangs randos raw and isn't on the pill?
Hmm 3 years ago
My only thought was she does NOT have enough titty to hide those undies in there.
3 years ago
I never pull out, i came inside my ex every time we had sex, she nevr got prego
3 years ago
Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that her fake eyelash fell off and she didn’t bother replacing it or taking the other one off?
Lol 3 years ago
The ending was awesome lol